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Famer’s foremost priority is the satisfaction of the athletes using the app. In order to assure the highest levels of satisfaction of our clients, Famer guarantees that our coaches will conduct themselves in the most professional and respectful manners. Through extensive research, vetting, and interviews, Famer has identified a group of coaches who consistently demonstrate the qualities we believe make them exemplary coaches.

Before you begin your training, you should have a clear understanding of the specific requirements we ask our coaches to meet:

What’s expected of our coaches?

In today’s world, there are tons of ideas. However, an idea will only be as good as the people involved. At Famer, our people, our coaches, are your coaches too.

We want to give you clear guidelines so that you know what is expected of our coaches every time you engage with them, before you ever dribble a ball or run a lap.

We ask all of our coaches to meet three basic requirements. By meeting these requirements, our coaches will be successful within Famer’s coaching platform, and ultimately, you will be too.

The requirements entail what you would expect from a company with world class customer service and organization:

  • Coaches will always conduct themselves in a respectful and trustworthy manner. Our coaches will show respect to the sport, themselves, and their client, making the well-being of their client a priority. We believe this is the only way to allow for a productive and fulfilling training environment. Our coaches will not share any private information on social media, in person, or any other platforms.

  • Coaches will only teach skills and techniques in which they are specifically qualified to teach. Coaches will not knowingly put their athletes at risk in any way.

  • Coaches will maintain a consistent level of communication and responsibility. When contacted by an athlete or parent, our coaches will respond at their earliest convenience and no later than 24 hours after receiving a message from an athlete to answer any questions or concerns regarding training. This will allow our coaches and athletes to always be on the same page, assuring athletes will be prepared to train correctly and get the most out of it. Coaches will not cancel any training sessions or deadlines unless the athlete is well notified in advance. We understand that your time is valuable, and Famer’s goal is to make your training as time efficient and productive as possible.

With the increasing popularity of youth sports throughout the world, more and more people are able to call themselves coaches or trainers in one way or another. As a parent or athlete, it can be a difficult or even overwhelming process to find a coach you believe in. At Famer, we have developed a marketplace that only includes coaches with extensive skill and experience, and whose qualities fit directly into our Coaches Code of Conduct.

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