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Digital Training
Platform For
Youth Sports

Top organizations, coaches & trainers choose Famer

For Individual Coaches & Trainers

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Connect, Engage and Train Your Athletes Anytime - Anywhere

Famer supports sports organizations and individual trainers with advanced communication tools to enable team and personal training programs with interactive feedback between athletes and their trainers.

Famer Plans

Coach or Trainer

For individual coaches and trainers working with a team or training athletes


Up to 25 Athletes

Unlimited Online Library Storage

Videos Library Manager

Assign Training Plans

Chat - Individual and Groups

Video Analysis Feedback

Famer Live Zoom Sessions


For organizations or clubs with multiple coaches or programs

Let's Talk

Above 25 Athletes

All Coach Plan Features

Multiple Coaches

Custom Branded Interface

Famer Productions

Online Payments

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Famer Productions

Famer works with organizations to produce custom videos of their unique training curriculums, which can then be used to create workouts that are distributed to athletes on the Famer Platform.

Our professional video production team works closely with the organizations and coaches to ensure a successful production.

Qualified organizations receive the production free of charge!
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Top Youth Sports Organizations Are Joining Famer

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Adam Geisler

CEO | Super Soccer Stars

"We need to connect with our young people on any device and at any time possible, and by partnering with Famer, we will provide a mobile curriculum which supplements our classes to further engage our young Soccer Stars and their parents through our digital content"

Why Famer?



Build your unique video library of skills and drills and improve engagement and communication with athletes and their parents. Through Famer, organizations can create a new and appropriate revenue stream by distributing their unique training curriculum to athletes and parents.

Coaches and Trainers

Increase your income while building out your unique video library of drills and workouts. Enhance your engagement with athletes and their skill development by assigning personalized workouts and providing custom feedback.


Enhance your communication with your coach and receive personalized workouts and feedback to improve your skills. Increase your practice time and become a better athlete.


Become more involved in your child’s training program and get a clearer view of their progress. Your child will replace phone screen time with physical activity and you will have the opportunity for better quality time while supporting your child's off-field training with Famer.
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